Information and Communication Technology

For you, who:

  • Want to work on the field of data processing
  • Want to work as an IT-support person of a company or as a programmer
  • Want to learn Finnish language so well that you can work and perform competence demonstrations in a Finnish workplace (at least level B1 defined by Common European Framework of Reference (CEF))
  • Are 20 years old and you have secondary level education or you are 25 years old and have experience on computers

About Further Vocational Qualification in Information and Communication Technology:

QUALIFICATION TITLE: DATANOME (Further Vocational Qualification in Information and Communication Technology)

People who have further vocational qualification in information and communication technology work in versatile information and communication technology companies and organizations as well as in the companies offering their professional expertise and support service.


Compulsory unit

  • Working in ICT Environment (30 competence points)

Optional units, of which you have to choose three:

  • Working as a Systems Specialist, 40 cp
  • Working as an IT Application Specialist, 40 cp
  • Planning and implementation of digital service user experience, 40 cp

Duration and organization of the studies

The estimated length of the studies is 2,5 years. If you have good basic knowledge and work experience in the field, you can graduate faster.

Summer break between June – August.

Every student will have an individual competence development plan (HOKS), where the number of contact lessons and distance learning as well as the competence demonstrations are agreed on. At the beginning of the studies, there will be basic studies in information technology which are useful in many fields. The ICT-related topics become more difficult gradually. Learning and guidance take place in workplaces, schools, or via the network. In order to graduate from further vocational studies, the student will have to participate in on-the-job learning periods and pass the competence tests.

Because the vocational education is in the Finnish language and the competence demonstrations are to be held in Finnish, there will be an intensive Finnish online course for the selected students BEFORE they come to Finland from April to July 2023. The Finnish course is organized by the Finest Future organisation which teaches Finnish online in about 20 countries all around the world. Finest Future has over one thousand students who study with them until level B2.1. Online course during 1.4.-31.7. consist of two levels: Newbie (A0-A1.3) and Experienced (A1.3-A2.2). Each level takes two months and the students study 5x75min per week. Most probably, the online lessons will be every weekday at 15:00 Finnish time. The lectures are recorded and can be viewed afterwards. The exception is the first intensive week, for which participation is mandatory. In addition to lectures, online Finnish learning takes place with online learning materials developed by Finest Future and requires good motivation and available time from the student. The goal is that every ICT student starting in August 2023 knows the Finnish language at level A2.2, so that integrating into Finland and starting ICT studies is easier.

In addition, there will be Finnish language studies during the first year if the student does not have good Finnish language skills.


Kitee Evangelical Folk High School is situated in the center of Kitee. All the town services are quite near. You can lodge at the school dormitory. We help students with families to find a flat in the town.


To complete the whole qualification you need to pass four study units.

(1) If the student has good skills in the Finnish language, the tuition fee is 250 €/study unit including teaching, teaching materials, lunch, and coffee on school days

(2) Preparatory training for competence-based qualification (Further Vocational Qualification in Information and Communication Technology) combined with Finnish language studies:

  • 700 € /online Finnish language course before coming to Finland (April 2023-July 2023) (NOTE: If you have a diploma showing that you know the Finnish language at level A2.2 you do not have to attend this course. We will refund half of the course fee if Migri issues a negative decision on your residence permit application.)
  • 2844 €/year (including teaching, teaching materials, lunch, and coffee)
  • 4410 €/year (including teaching, teaching materials, accommodation, and food three times a day).

The tuition fees are charged by the study unit (1) or six months in advance (2), and the online Finnish language course before it starts.


The next group will start in August 2023. There have been a lot of applications for this program. We cannot accept all applicants, so we decided to select the new students as follows:

We will organize a four-week online course “Introduction to ICT” during 30.1. – 6.3.2023. The course includes the following topics:

  • What is a computer?
  • Categories of computers
  • Elements of an information system
  • Computer applications in society
  • Role of ICT in operations of organisations
  • Basic use of MS Office programs
  • My own skills and goals as an ICT professional

The scope of the course is 2 student weeks, which means about 80 hours of workload. There will be an online lecture four times on Tuesdays at 2 pm Finnish time lasting 2 hours and a one-to-one virtual meeting with the teacher. In addition, the course includes weekly assignments, which are returned to the Google Classroom virtual learning environment. The course fee is 100 euros. Payments will be invoiced in January.

After passing the course, you will receive an official certificate for the course.

We will select 15 students from the online course to start studying in Finland in the autumn 2023 group. We will also hold an interview for the selected people, in which we will tell you more about the arrangements and fees for education and find out the student’s motivation to move to Finland. To start studying, you need a residence permit/study visa in Finland. You should start applying for it immediately after the approval decision because the permitting process can be slow.

Through this selection process, we ensure that we receive the best possible students for the training and that the selected have the necessary skills and motivation to complete the program.

The application period will be until the end of 2022. You can fill in the application here.

We send e-mail information considering the selection process and new prices to those who have already sent applications or e-mails related to this study program. We are able to take 50 eligible students to the online course. The course places are filled in order of registration and the course must be paid for before it starts.

Application process as a picture:

Further information

Further Vocational Qualification in Information and Communication Technology is a good basis for post-graduate studies in Finland regardless of the field of studies. Any completed study unit can be accredited in many other Finnish vocational qualification studies.

With a study visa, you can also work in Finland part-time.

According to the feedback from the previous students, the positive sides of studying in Kiteen Kansanopisto are friendly and safe study surroundings, inexpensive accommodation, and excellent food.

Alisa Kuzmina (Finnish, Russian)

Eeva Nygren (Finnish, English), tel. +358 40 507 7872 or

Further Vocational Qualification in Information and Communication Technology