Immigrant / Integration Training

NOTE! For the autumn semester of the academic year 2024-2025, it is not possible to admit foreign students who intend to stay in Finland on a multivisa.

Basic and Advanced Levels

  • The duration of basic and advanced level training is approximately two academic years in total.
  • The objective of the training is to assist you in integrating into Finnish society and acquire
    readiness for further studies or employment.
  • The length of the study day is five hours of classroom teaching and 1 – 2 hours of independent study per day.
  • The duration of language / work practice days is seven hours.
  • The study consists of three modules, where you will learn Finnish language according to the
    curriculum, cultural and societal knowledge, work life knowledge, information technology, and
    elective subjects.
  • The studies include personal and group guidance as well as language / work practice at the workplace.

Starting levels and target levels:

  • Module 1: 0 – A1.3
  • Module 2: A1.3 – A2.2
  • Module 3: A2.2 – B1.1


Education, meals, and accommodation are entirely free: 

  • If the training is part of the integration plan made by the TE Office
  • If you have a residence permit, status A, in Finland (education voucher funding)

Otherwise, the prices are:

  • €324/ month (includes teaching and meals on study days)
  • €516 / month (includes teaching, meals, and accommodation on study days)
  • the weekend accommodation cost is €45 / weekend (for self-payers)


Students live in two-person-rooms. Adults have an opportunity to stay over weekends at our dormitory.


You can send a web application form: or ask for an application form from our school, tel. 0400 956 090. The programme starts if there are enough students

Find out in te-toimisto (public employment and business services) about your possibility to study in a self-motivated integration education.