Basic education for adults

Education is meant for students over the compulsory education age (18) and who want to do the basic education syllabus and get the basic education certificate. In adult basic education you can also supplement your basic education studies or raise your subject grades.
There are two stages in adult basic education: intial stage and final stage. Training in reading and writing skills can be included in the initial stage for those who are missing the skills or the skills are insufficient.
The extent and duration of studies:

Reading and writing skills
• 27 courses
• 1 study year

Initial stage
• 38 courses
• 1 – 1,5 study years

Final stage
• 46 courses
• 1,5 – 2 study years

In adult basic education you study the subjects of basic education. You will study according to your individual study plan. You will also have career guidance and working life knowledge.


Education, accommodation, and meals are free of charge during study weeks.


Students will live in two-person rooms. Adults can stay at the dormitory during the weekend.

Admission requirements

• you are at least 17 years old and you don’t have the basic education certificate
• interview and language test before selection

Ask more

College office:, 0400 9556 090
Responsible teacher: Holopainen Mervi; mervi.holopainen(a), 040 351 9393


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