<- Paluu: Pitkät linjat  The basics of theology and ethics in theory and practice 20.8.2018 - 24.5.2019

For you, who
  • Are interested in religious and ethical dimensions of life in the perspective of your own growth and spiritual life 
  • Want to understand the meaning of religion in your own life, in Finnish culture and in other societies
  • Want to get acquainted with the spiritual adult education and the immigration work of our folk high school as well as the club activity for children and the young arranged by the Evangelical Lutheran church.
You can choose between full time studies and multiform learning from different options according to your own personal curriculum:

1. Open university instruction
The basic studies of theology, 25 ECTS
Global Ethics, 8 ECTS
Professional Intercultural 
2. The Basics of Ethics and Religion Education in Schools and Day Care
This part is suitable to be studied from your own country, so that there will be three contact weeks carried out in Finland. For Finnish students it is possible to leave for on-the-job-training abroad. In Finland you will orientate to teaching of ethics and religion in children's day care and primary school, for instance: spiritual literature for children, puppet theater, learning games and crafts in education. The meeting of eastern and western Christianity in Carelia; the Lutheran church in Kitee and the New Valamo monastery in Heinävesi. The activity of Evangelical Lutheran church in Finland, Finnish Christianity from the second world war till today. Global Christian upbringing, education and missionary work. 

3. In the Light of the Bible
You will get acquainted with the message of Bible, the stories of Old Testament and the life and the teaching of Jesus in the New Testament. Studying will help you deepen the knowledge of Christianity and understand the extent of holiness in your own life. You will learn to know Lutheran congregation and other Christian churches during the trips in Finland and in other countries. The contact teaching period, The Bible weekend, will be held in our school once a month. Between the contact weekends there will be study evenings once a fortnight where you read the texts of the canonical year and sing and hear spiritual music.

4. Parts of Further Vocational Qualification
To promote your vocational qualifications, you can take the following courses:
Parts "The Strengthening of Individual's and Community's Participation" or/and "The Guidance and Support of Children with Special Needs and Their Families" in 'Further Qualification in Special Needs Instruction for Children and Young People' -studies
Parts "The Guidance and Support of Growth and Development" or/and "The Guidance of People with Special Needs" in 'Specialist Qualification for Special Needs Assistants in Educational Institutions' -studies.


Full time student 360 € /month, includes teaching, accommodation and food. 
Fulltime day student 230 € /month, includes teaching, lunch and coffee. Multiform learning costs according to choices.