Hackathon -hakkereiden maraton

We are organizing a Hackathon for Digital theology slated to take place at Kitee, an hour journey from Joensuu. The event would start on the 4th December(4pm) to 14:00 the next day. The 22 hour Hackathon event is intended for brainstorming and developing a conceptualized framework for DT, and build an ICT tool (s) to augment and facilitate theology. Digital Theology (DT) is an emerging trans-disciplinary field, which of course to the best of our knowledge is the first of its kind to be taught as a course in the Computer Science discipline in the world. With this, the Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee pride itself to be the first to promote the field in terms of research and Development. 

The course is handled by Prof. Erkki Sutinen. Nevertheless, be informed that interested students or anyone interested in the event can send email to the course Professor at erkki.sutinen@utu.fi and copy the Assistant (Eeva Nygren) at eeva.nygren@kiteenkansanopisto.fi. Accommodation, food and other basic commodities would be taken care of during the session, course fee is 45 €. Please send email for more details. We still have room for programmers, theologians and its related disciplines to be part of the event.