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Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee 

Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee is located in the Eastern Finland and offers a broad range of education for adults. The school provides liberal adult education and vocational education as well as the 10th class of comprehensive school and the 10th class of comprehensive school for immigrants. There are about 300 students attending the long courses each year and about 2500 students attending the short courses. Most of the short courses are held in the summertime, so folk high school has activities taking place year-round. The contents of the short courses are for example international science camps, language courses, and social studies..

Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee is recognised by the Finnish Ministry of Education and abides by its regulations. As residential school, folk high school fosters a sense of community and wants to offer a viable alternative to help individuals fulfill their potential. The important principles in the learning process include promoting sustainable development, international and cultural awareness, equal rights with equal respect and open interaction. Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee also participates actively in many projects, like for example TEDITE project (Towards Equality, Democracy and economical growth by IT –Education) in Zambia funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland during years 2009-2013.

Multicultural and Citizenship –studies

The school offers especially the following two study programmes for international students and immigrants:

Multicultural and citizenship studies

In multicultural and citizenship studies we approach the themes of citizenship from Finnish, global and ethical points of view. We familiarize ourselves with our homeland, other Nordic countries, European countries and Africa, by learning about their culture, people and everyday life. Our aim is to improve the cooperation across the borders and to add general wellbeing of people. We learn by visiting other cultures as well as receiving guests from different countries. We participate together in different language- and cultural events in our own neighborhood, elsewhere in Finland and abroad.

Acculturating studies

For you, who want to

  • live in Finland
  • learn Finnish and everyday skills in Finnish society
  • get information about Finland and Finnish culture

Bachelor of Science with specialization in Human Data Science (180 ECTS) MAIN FIELD OF STUDY: COMPUTER SCIENCE

University of Turku organizes this unique Data Science programme in Kitee. More info